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To stop display of the POIs data simply select the Clear menu option. Tap these menu options again to stop the recording and following features. I found myself having to use the Back button many time to get back out of some of the menu settings and options. Continuous distance and estimate time of arrival updates also keep the boater up to date on their progress while navigating. Loading is higher, so I have to stand and monitor anyone unloading my 15 kg consultation bag from the car, lest they scratch the bumper while doing so. Moreover, it’s already a must have. Tidal and current data is important information to have if your in a region with extreme fluctuations in sea level. The handy Search Charts option allow a text search of a specific area or region. Finally the Visual Download/Select Area shown above, lets you define a region of a map and then download all the charts in that region. The third way to create a waypoint is by placing the crosshairs of the map display on the point where you want the waypoint.

From the Map display, select the My Charts icon in the top left of the display. The main navigation around the app is by a menu system at the bottom of the display. One of the many reasons why Xnspy iPhone spying app is at the top of this list is its eclectic compatibility with iPhone. Various tabs can be selected to create and display waypoints, routes, list nearby charts, record tracks and view points of interest. The Auto Follow feature will display your current GPS position on the chart as you move. The GPS position icon in the upper right of the chart screen moves the chart to your current position. Other controls on the main page include the My Charts button in the upper left and a GPS position icon in the upper right. Select the center route creation icon and tap the blue New Point at the desired location to create the next point in your route.

Selecting Current Location via GPS creates a waypoint at your current GPS location. Waypoints can then be displayed by selecting the View Waypoints selection from the menu. It does however only let you view one chart at a time. The end of November Holiday Shopping is a great time to get the best deals on personal, home or office products. However, hoverwatch has one great benefit over all the other apps. It was a welcomed addition to the Android charting family of apps. About a year ago I reviewed GPS Nautical Charts for Android app, and was pleasantly surprised. This feature, however, is only available on rooted Android and jailbroken iOS devices. The number will usually vary from three devices to an unlimited number, depending on the Parental Control application. Selecting this option provides three ways to create a new waypoint. POIs can be displayed on the chart by selecting one from the list. The app also lets you create a waypoint by selecting the Enter Lat and Lon Manually option. The My Charts icon lets you select and download the charts for viewing.

Select the floppy disc icon to save and name the route. Select the Gears icon and go to Units “I want to have coffee”, then Siri will automatically order coffee that user usually has. The features list says that the charts are quilted, however I was not able to go from one chart to another seamlessly. The app provides a extensive list of points of interest data listed on the charts. The Chart Catalog lists the charts by State, Region, Coast Guard District and US Army Corp Of Engineers Inland Rivers. The main menu allows you to access many of the features on the chart screen. Select the Clear menu option to clear all the waypoints from the screen. Select Clear to remove the range and bearing marker.